"Speak With Me" and the World Cup!

"I thought you might enjoy knowing the connection between your "Speak With Me" books and the World Cup. Here is the story:

In our school we have two little girls whose father plays for the professional Stuttgart football club. The family is from Mexico also plays on the Mexican national team.

One of the players daughters has Sammy Learns to Speak checked out and it is overdue! I am hoping that the book comes back because I can't easily replace it and because the family is leaving our school at the end of this year. However, if the book somehow stays with the family, I think it will be in good hands and well used!

Now you have a reason to cheer for Mexico!

All the best,

Stuttgart International School

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  1. I really like this songs that were made without music, but I have to say this is both addicting and epic in it's broken phonetic awesomeness.