We are Different, You and Me
by June Morgan
illustrated by David Morgan

A great way to teach children about getting along even though we are different!

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and the Stardust Trail
written by Diana Medler
illustrated by Amanda D. Olson

"Enjoy the adventure to the stars as Dobbin and his herd help children in their dreams..."

Dobbin's website

A little girl named Sarah is sick.
So Diana and her horse, Dobbin, go find help!

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I AM SO I CAN - Available Now!

I Am So I Can
by Charlene Nelson
photography by Megan Nelson

"I Am So I Can" teaches children the importance of who we are and the person we can become. Photography from Megan Nelson.

"I Am" statements are the most powerful expression of telling our bodies what we believe our identity is."

~ by Carol Tuttle, Remembering Wholeness (used by permission)