"Speak With Me" and the World Cup!

"I thought you might enjoy knowing the connection between your "Speak With Me" books and the World Cup. Here is the story:

In our school we have two little girls whose father plays for the professional Stuttgart football club. The family is from Mexico also plays on the Mexican national team.

One of the players daughters has Sammy Learns to Speak checked out and it is overdue! I am hoping that the book comes back because I can't easily replace it and because the family is leaving our school at the end of this year. However, if the book somehow stays with the family, I think it will be in good hands and well used!

Now you have a reason to cheer for Mexico!

All the best,

Stuttgart International School


Fabulous Review: Speak With Me Series!

"...these books will be an excellent addition to every home library for sound skills, regardless of speech ability. This is a well-rounded book providing parental speech therapy training, all in wonderfully short stories presented with beautiful illustrations.

The additional inclusion of the Practice Worksheet makes them a must have for every speech therapist and any family with a desire to encourage proper speech patterns from an early age and in a fun and inviting way.

Enjoy the books in the Speak With Me series with your children, whether or not they have speech difficulty; they will enjoy the story and practice sounds happily as you read together."
Product review by Donna Campos,
Senior Product Reviewer,
The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC,


Fan Letter! "Dobbin and the Stardust Trail"

Here is a fan letter we would like to share with you. Thank you to all our readers!

Just to let you know - my daughter Lena, who turns 5 today, is a BIG fan of your book! We read it several times a week at bedtime. She has a dark palomino stuffed horse that she's named Dobbin, and a smaller gray horse that she's named Sparkle.

Sorry to hear that Dobbin has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. :-( He seemed like a real gentleman, besides having that gorgeous mane & tail.

Hope you write another book!


Julia Jensen
Graphic Designer
Earlham College Public Affairs Office

Grace Anne Learns to Tell the Truth!

Title: Grace Anne Learns to Tell the Truth
Author: Cindy Anne Duncan
Illustrator: Manelle Oliphant

"I love the Illustrations! The texture if beautiful"
"This is such a great topic!" -Parent
"Can we read it again?" -3 year old child
"This is a great way to address these topics. And this book has an underlined theme of accepting those who are different."


Five Star Review!

One of our books received a Five-Star Review from Readers Favorites! Thanks goes to Diana Medler's hard work in such a fabulous story along with a very talented artist, Amanda Olson.


Librarians and Schools!

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Article: Singing helps with Speech Development

Speak With Me Songs is a great way to help with Speech Development!

Read more under Health

The REAL...Lovely Lily! from the Speak With Me Series

"This is Lovely Lily
looking proper,
but really..."

This is the Illustrator's (Angela Hansen) inspiration for Lovely Lily!

Here is the Author (Angela Holzer) and Lovely Lily.


Available on Mayer-Johnson Catalog

Our "Speak With Me Collection" set is now available at Mayer-Johnson! You can also find us in their 2010 Spring Catalog! Order Today! 1.800.588.4548


Great Review: Speak With Me Series

Donna Campos did a fabulous review of our 'Speak With Me Series' for Speech Development! She is the Senior Product Reviewer.